Woman sparks heated debate: Do you use hot or cold air to defog your car windscreen?

Do you use hot or cold air to defog your car windscreen?

Melbourne woman Kayla Jackson took to TikTok this week revealing she doesn't know which to use to clear her windscreen.

"Another winter where I still don't know if you use hot or cold air to get rid of the condensation."

After more than 1.3 million views and thousands of comments, the TikTok user thought she would finally clear up the issue but the conflicting comments made things foggier than ever.

Some viewers swear by hot air with one user saying, "I just blast it really warm."

Another viewer said, "Do y'all not know how condensation works? Use the heat." Another woman wrote, "warm temp and a/c on."

One said, "I just have the AC on so it's blowing on the windscreen, but I have the actual temp to warm so I don't freeze to death in my car."

But many insisted cold was the way to go: "Always cold air to clear it faster then you can slowly turn the heat up but make sure air is still blowing on the windshield", one woman said.

"Cold if it's on the inside, warm if it's on the outside", one user revealed while another said, "turn your aircon on, set it at 20 degrees on the front window vent setting. Thank me later".

Kayla Jackson admitted on TikTok she doesn't know whether to use hot or cold air to clear windscreen fog. Photo / TikTok @kaylajacksonnn
Photo / TikTok

But one user said it's not about hot or cold air at all: "Pro tip, your windscreen needs to match the temp outside to de-fog!"

Others admitted they never know and sometimes panic. A TikTok user said, "I just close my eyes and let Jesus take the wheel".

Another said, "I've never related to something more. The panic I get when it starts to fog up."

"I put all the buttons on and hope it clears before I drive," one user said.

Another opted to boycott the aircon altogether, "Not me rubbing it with my hand because I don't know either".

Jackson replied to the multitude of comments and said, "These comments are all conflicting and now I'm more confused than ever haha".

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.