You can now holiday at the iconic Bonnie Doon house from 'The Castle'!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 10:27AM

This is AWESOME! 

You can now rent The Kerrigan's holiday house in Bonnie Doon from the 1997 Aussie film 'The Castle'.

The owner - who's a huge fan of the film - bought the legendary Bonnie Doon abode two years ago and spent about a year fixing it up before offering the three-bedroom house as a short-term holiday rental for just NZ$198 a night, plus cleaning costs.

"You're not dreaming," the Airbnb listing reads. "The serenity is real."

Plus, to offer guests the true Castle experience, the owner has collected items you'd expect Darryl and Steve Kerrigan to peruse in the Trading Post and put them on display, including jousting sticks, a punching bag for Con Petropoulous and a dog kennel for the family dog Coco.

She even built a "pool room" out back to house extra guests.

Check out the listing HERE.