Your 'rising sign' reveals exactly what other people think of you

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 10:20AM
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Everyone is well-versed on their star sign and what it says about their personality but a quirky new astrology chart is sweeping the web - and can apparently reveal even more about your character.

The rising star sign chart, which was originally shared by Richard Gideon Hammond on Secretly Obvious and has since gone viral on social media according to the Daily Mail, involves looking at what time you were born and correlating it with your star sign.

Using the chart, you can then work out what your "rising sign" is, which astrologists say reveals exactly what others think of you when they first meet you.

According to Always Astrology, your rising star sign, which refers to which sign was "rising" on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth, reflects the way you act in public when you first meet people.

Astrologists also say it reflects how people may describe you when speaking about you to others.  

"Often, if you are confused at how others have described you, it is because they are describing this aspect of your personality," explains the site.

"This sign becomes expressed in your image, style and mannerisms. It is also expressed in how you act," they add.

Astrologists also believe that these traits start to diminish after a person turns 30 as their confidence grows in who they are.


ARIES -  You are quick, to the point and often act before thinking things through. Aries are great at getting what they want, can be slightly competitive and often bossy.

TAURUS - Taurus signs are steady, stable and responsible. They are the most loyal sign and creatures of habit. They value security above everything else and often find it hard to adapt to change. 

GEMINI - Geminis are curious beings and great social networkers. They can often appear slightly impatient and intimidate others. 

CANCER - Super sensitive and familiar, they can often feel stressed in large groups. Those with a Cancer rising sign are caring and sweet but because of their shyness, they can come across as moody and insecure. 

LEO - Leos love being the centre of attention - and they have heaps of charisma which helps them stand out from the crowd. They are very aware of associating with the right people but can come across as very self-indulgent.

VIRGO - Virgos are intelligent, reserved, shy around new people and paranoid about how people perceive them. Often people judge them to be critical but when you get to know a Virgo, they are loyal and stable. 

LIBRA - Libras are charming, fun to be around and immediately likeable. However, despite their seemingly outgoing personality, they often face major problems with their personal relationships. Even if they don't feel happy with a partner, they will often stick with them because they don't know how to be alone.

SCORPIO - Scorpios command respect - and sometimes fear. They appear determined and passionate but they're like Marmite: loved and hated in equal measure. They can come across as quite paranoid because they are obsessed with controlling their own situation. 

SAGITTARIUS - A born explorer, Sagittarius is an enthusiastic adventurer who loves to explore. They are active, exciting and talk a lot. Constantly optimistic, they often annoy people by being over the top. 

CAPRICORN - Extremely serious and deadpan, Capricorns find it hard to let loose. They take great care of how they dress and appear to others - even though they often feel insecure - and are destined for success.  Capricorn Ascendant is the one you want to have around when you need a responsible, reliable person.

AQUARIUS - Quirky, fun and unique, Aquarius are approachable, curious, and very well educated. They are humanitarian, tolerant, likeable and impartial. They have the ability to get on with everyone they meet and never judge others. Because they are so unique - and keen for everyone to know that - they can often appear detached and aloof.

PISCES - Pisces want an easy life; they love peaceful, artsy and quiet situations. They can totally change characteristics from one day to the next, which allows them to blend in with people from all walks of life. People with this rising sign are also irresistibly charming and intriguing.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.