20 years today: The first breaking news report of Princess Diana's death

Publish Date
Thursday, 31 August 2017, 10:16AM

Today marks 20 years since the world learned Princess Diana had been injured in a car crash in Paris, and subsequently passed away.

This video was the first news report of the car crash, in which BBC's Sir Martyn Lewis interrupted French film Borsalino.

Recently speaking to Radio Times, Lewis revealed he was woken at 1am by his daughter who told him of the accident.

The broadcaster, who lived near the Television Centre, said he rushed to present the special bulletin.

“There was a dark grey suit, white shirt and black tie kept in a wardrobe at the BBC for occasions like this and that’s what I changed into to announce the news of her death.”

Lewis also disclosed how announcing her death affected him.

“I have to confess that there was a moment I lost it for a brief few seconds. I felt myself start to go when repeating the words Tony Blair spoke about her: “She was the people’s princess and that’s how she will stay, how she will remain in our hearts and in our memories forever.”

“I couldn’t possibly sleep,” he said. “A few days later, still unable to sleep, I walked among the flowers at Kensington Palace at 2am and felt the enormity of the way Diana touched so many people in Britain."

Do you remember where you were when you learned of the tragic news?