Adorable big brother tries to calm his crying baby sister in the most hilarious way

Publish Date
Thursday, 29 June 2017, 10:59AM

It turns out kids pick up a lot more than we think!

Like this adorable big brother who tried to soothe his baby sister by breastfeeding her.

Caught on camera, the toddler tried to help his mum calm the seven-week-old by initially patting her head. But when that didn't work he came up with another plan.

Vanessa Thompson, from New York, said her son had seen her breastfeeding and was trying to mimic her.

She said: "My husband Vance and I have four boys who I nursed and finally just had our girl seven weeks ago which I am currently nursing.

"Our two year old son, who is very observant and mimics everything we do, was trying to console our daughter by first kissing her patting her.

"Then, seeing that wasn't working, he attempted to nurse/breastfeed her himself.

"This goes to show that everything you do is being watched by your kids well at least in the Thompson household."