Adorable Christmas advert reunites E.T. and grown up Elliot after 37 years

E.T. has made his way back to planet earth just in time for Christmas.

An adorable Christmas advert released by Sky and Xfinity sees the beloved alien return to earth to visit his friend Elliott after 37 years apart.

Based on Steven Spielberg’s iconic movie E.T., released in 1982, E.T. shows up in the middle of the night - although this time he finds that his human bestie is all grown up.

"You came back," Elliot – played by the same actor from the original movie, Henry Thomas, says when he sees his old extra-terrestrial pal.

A scene from the original 1982 E.T. movie. Photo / Getty

Honestly, this may be the sweetest Christmas commercial we’ve seen.

Sky’s UK and Ireland CEO, Stephen van Rooyen, said about the advert: "It’s an honour to bring E.T. back to Earth in this new festive short story, helping us to celebrate the magic of family time at Christmas and Sky’s part in bringing our customers together at this special time of year."

While director Lance Acord added: "More than anything, the whole story is about family."

Who else is feeling nostalgic?