Air New Zealand's adorable Christmas video brings all the kids on Santa's naughty list to Aotearoa

Publish Date
Friday, 30 November 2018, 9:00AM

Santa’s been making a list and checking it twice of all the kids who are naughty and nice …

However, it turns out he’s not so good at emailing the lists to his Christmas elves and the secretive ‘naughty list’ ends up in the hands of Kiwi kid Elvis.

Air New Zealand unveiled their Christmas video for this year, titled The Nicest Christmas Ever, and it is beyond adorable.

It sees the Kiwi airline bringing naughty children from all over the world right here to Aotearoa to attend a summit on how they can change their Christmas fates.

The video even features a jab at Trump, with the child from America wearing a red “Make Christmas Great Again” cap.

All the children vow to change their naughty ways and that helps them gain their way back into Santa's favour.

Hopefully, no one will be receiving a lump of coal for Christmas this year!