Amazing new video compares Rami Malek's Live Aid performance to Freddie Mercury's and it is scarily IDENTICAL!

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Monday, 19 November 2018, 12:04PM

The new Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, has wowed movie fans all over the world - and it's largely thanks to Rami Malek's spine-tingling portrayal of the Queen front man.

The 37-year-old actor previously admitted he carefully studied Mercury's mannerisms in preparation for the role and now a side-by-side comparison video has revealed just how much his efforts paid off.

The clip, which was shared on Twitter, shows how closely Malek replicated the singer's iconic movements during Queen's historic 1985 Live Aid performance, widely considered to be the band's greatest on-stage moment.

Wearing a white tank top, jeans, and a studded belt, Malek can be seen doing a stunning job impersonating Mercury's mannerisms, right down to his air punches, dynamic strides and piano playing style.

And fans are absolutely blown everyone away with how identical the two performances are.

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One person commented: "These dudes were literally able to recreate the greatest live show ever performed and made a new generation be able to experience it as if they were actually there. This scene literally gave me chills."

Another said: "They did it precisely that I got confused which is the original and which is the remake. Omg not a sucker for him but daaaang this sure is historical!!!"

A third tweeted: "Well it's a biopic, not one bit is supposed to be fictional! It's actually impressive they managed to do it this precisely."

When asked about his performance, Malek revealed that they watched the band's actual performance on YouTube over 1,500 times to get every single movement perfect.

"That's something we tried to get move for move, even just gesture for gesture perfectly," he said.

What an amazing performance!

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