Face-To-Face With Anika Moa: Warren Maxwell

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 April 2015, 10:53AM

As New Zealand’s most beautiful and famous lesbian singer-songwriter, Anika Moa’s been asked a lot of silly questions over the years. Convinced she could do a sort of better job herself, she’s turned the tables and put herself in the role of interviewer for the NZ Herald's new video series, 'Face To Face: With Anika Moa'. 

Interviewing some of New Zealand’s leading musical talent, Moa cuts to the chase, asking the tough questions. Like just how jealous is everyone of Lorde? She also has a new album to promote (out April 10) so is taking advantage of it by talking mainly about herself and her own outstanding achievements. She’s won four Tui Awards, you know? Each week, Moa will probe her subjects about their time in the industry, before delivering her relentless quick fire questions. 

To kick things off, she sat down with her old friend and Trinity Roots lead singer Warren Maxwell, whose new album Citizen is out now. Highlights include the reality of life on the road – and what can only be described as the worst cover of Lorde’s Royals you’ll ever witness. Truly, it’s a sight to behold.