Hilarious tantrum interrupts live TV cross

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Saturday, 12 August 2017, 9:04AM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

Children are tricky at the best of times - mostly because of when and where they choose to throw tantrums.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @ginboyjoe spotted a hilarious blooper on Scottish news recently after one little boy decided the perfect time to throw a tantrum was on-air, behind journalist Jim Delahunt's live cross.

As Delahunt gave an impassioned speech about a jockey's injury, most viewers' eyes were instead drawn to what was happening behind the camera.

First, we see a little boy sprint into shot before a girl who appears to be his older sister chases after him and grabs him right before he attempts to make a break for it.

As soon as she lets go of him, he slumps to the ground, starting a tantrum and refusing to move.

After desperately looking around for some parental help, the girl eventually gives up and takes matters into her own hands. She bends down, grabs one of the boy's feet and quickly drags him out of shot, clearly keen to get off camera.

The video has since gone viral on social media, with Delahunt himself responding to the blooper.

Source: NZ Herald.