Horror movie 'The Grudge' has been remade and the first trailer looks absolutely terrifying

You may remember the terrifying movie The Grudge, the film from the early noughties that fuelled your nightmares. Well, now it’s back to haunt us all again.

With the success of the It remake, it's no wonder Hollywood is bringing back another classic horror film 15 years after the original. 

This new version of The Grudge - starring John Cho, Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye, Andrea Riseborough and Jacki Weaver - reboots the 2004 franchise and looks scarier than ever.

Written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, the film follows a detective investigating a cursed house which is being haunted by a vengeful ghost who dooms everyone who enters with a violent death.

Watch the trailer below if you're feeling brave enough ...

The Grudge is scheduled to hit New Zealand cinemas on January 4, 2020.