How to Dad's clever hack for Christmas shopping with a baby

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 9:25AM

Kiwi YouTube sensation How to Dad has proved the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping with children in tow doesn't have to be an ordeal.

Father and vlogger Jordan Watson says a simple balloon is all parents need to keep an eye on their kids while they tackle the shops.

However, some mums and dads have pointed out that that Jordan's tip may be too good - and parents will end up losing toddlers in a sea of red balloons as others adopt his clever method.

The latest in his series of How to Dad clips, the video shows Mr Watson attaching a balloon to his toddler's belt loop at an Auckland mall - making her easy to spot in the crowd when she wanders off.

The video shows the little girl running around the shopping centre as Watson keeps his eyes trained on the floating balloon trailing behind her.

In the holiday season "you have to be prepared for the big crowds," Watson says in the clip, before attaching the balloon to the girl's trousers and watching her wander off.

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