Is this the worst 'Wheel of Fortune' FAIL of all time?

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 11:50AM

This has got to hurt...

Yesterday a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant lost out on $7,000 and a trip to Spain... when the puzzle was already solved!

So how did this happen, you ask?

Because Jonny mispronounced the word “Flamenco.”

Instead of saying 'Flamenco' Jonny said 'flamingo' - and the look of disbelief on his face is devastating.

After correctly pronouncing the word his opponent, Ashley, walked away with Jonny’s money and the trip to Europe.

While his slip up was clearly unintentional, host Pat Sajak said "you have to kind of go by the rules," so the scoring stands as it is.