Kids determine if Grover drops F-BOMB in viral Sesame Street video - their reactions will make you giggle

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Thursday, 24 January 2019, 8:15AM
Photo / YouTube, Getty

Photo / YouTube, Getty

It seems we may have another 'Laurel' / 'Yanny' situation on our hands!

A clip from the children’s show Sesame Street has gone viral after a parent could swear they heard the blue monster Grover drop a very naughty word – and it has everyone divided.

For some, it sounds like the blue monster is saying the line "sounds like an excellent idea", but others hear "f**kin’ excellent idea".

Jimmy Kimmel Live! host, Jimmy Kimmel decided he would find out what the kids themselves thought and whether they heard their fuzzy friend curse.

… And their reactions are just priceless!

*Warning: Video contains explicit language ... depending on what you hear*

While many only heard an innocent phrase, others were left a little shocked.

"F-word," one child said after being asked what she heard. "Don’t worry! I hear it at home."

Sesame Street has yet to address the matter … but we’re guessing that f-bombs aren’t a part of Grover’s lexicon.

What did you hear?