Matt Damon Pranks Strangers in Shopping Centre by Asking Them to do Ridiculous Things

Publish Date
Thursday, 30 June 2016, 11:05AM

Actor Matt Damon just paired up with Omaze and to perform a HILARIOUS prank. 

The Oscar-winner set up a ruse in one of LA’s shopping centres where total strangers were randomly handed a phone, with Matt Damon on the end of it (but they didn't know it was him!)

In the clip, Damon asks total strangers to do some pseudo-spy legwork all while asking them to do ridiculous things like compliment a mother on her children and buy a $14 hot dog. 

The was a meaning to his madness though... Those few who listened to the movie star won tickets to the Jason Bourne premiere and will get to hang with the leading man afterward!

So it wasn't so bad after all.