New Zealand's first Netflix movie is OUT NOW and here's what people are saying about it

Netflix sure knows how to make adorably cheesy rom-coms – and now New Zealand has one of its own!

Falling Inn Love was shot entirely in New Zealand, stars several familiar Kiwi faces and is available to stream RIGHT NOW.

The loved-up film tells the story of an American city girl, Gabriela who – after losing her job and boyfriend – moves to New Zealand to fix up and flip a rustic Kiwi inn. Out of her depth, she soon enlists the help of local Kiwi hand man and certified dreamboat, Jake. Let’s just say, it’s not long before sparks fly …

The cuter than cute movie - directed by Roger Kumble, who is known for his work on The Sweetest Thing, Just Friends and Cruel Intentions - stars Christina Milian as the leading lady, alongside Aussie hunk Adam Demos – who gives the Kiwi a fair crack.

Kiwi actor Anna Jullienne, Claire Chitham and Blair Strang – all of Shortland Street fame – also star in the Netflix flick.

On social media, Kiwis and others who have already watched the flick noted that while the film may not be the most "original" love story, they still absolutely loved it.

"Whoever says rom-coms are boring misses the heart-warming feel they give you immediately and last but not least, they make you dream and we all need that. Falling Inn Love was adorable. I loved it with my whole heart. Sweet, funny, romantic. 5 stars from me,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another added: "Falling Inn Love is so terrible and cheesy that I now adore it even though the love interest has the most noticeably obvious Aussie accent and provides VEGEMITE sandwiches."

"Suddenly I want to move to New Zealand and find myself a Jake Taylor," a third movie watcher tweeted.

Falling Inn Love is available to stream on Netflix now!