'Tape Face' Turns Judge Into A Puppet In Latest America's Got Talent Performance

Publish Date
Friday, 22 July 2016, 12:50PM

Kiwi man Wills - aka The Boy with Tape on his Face - has impressed Simon Cowell again, this time earning himself a comparison to two of comedies greatest!

He returned to America's Got Talent after winning over Cowell in the auditions round, this time turning Judge Howie Mandel into a live puppet.

Using nothing but tape and bit of paper, Wills turned Mandel's torso into a face, which proceeded to lip sync to Elvis Presley's Return to Sender.

Cowell once again said Tape Face was not usually his cup of tea but said: "you are like Mr Bean or Charlie Chaplin".

Watch the video - you can't help but laugh!