The internet is NOT a fan of the new Peter Rabbit movie

Publish Date
Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 1:30PM

The trailer for the live-action adaptation of Beatrix Potter's beloved children's story, Peter Rabbit has been unveiled, but not everyone is happy about it.

Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie and Domhnall Gleeson star in the film, with James Corden voicing a CGI Peter Rabbit.

The clip shows Peter and his friends breaking into Mr McGregor's house for a party, and although Peter was always a cheeky little animal, some think the film has taken things too far.

Fans of the original took to Twitter to vent their frustrations over the upcoming movie.

"How to destroy the beauty, charm and innocence of the Beatrix Potter books in one fell swoop. Peter Rabbit film," one disgruntled user wrote.

Another, who said they grew up with a Peter Rabbit duvet, described the movie trailer as "pretty upsetting".

One Twitter user said The Late Late Show host was to blame for their dislike of the adaptation, writing: "You’d think making Peter Rabbit unlikable would be hard, but some genius figured it out by having James Corden as his voice."

While another user pointed out the drastic change in tone between the books and the film:

In the YouTube comments on the trailer, one person said that "Beatrix Potter is rolling in her grave" over the film and another impassioned fan wrote this version is "just insulting and sucking everything good about Peter Rabbit out of it."

Peter Rabbit is set for release in March next year for New Zealand audiences - will you go see it?