This adorable must-see Christmas advert made for only $200 is tugging on heartstrings

A Welsh hardware store owner has made an adorable advert which is really giving us the festive feels. 

The ad stars the shop owners two-year-old son, and has not only made headlines for its cuteness, but also the fact it was created for just over $200! 

The ad sees little Arthur setting up the shop for the day, with the help from the rest of his family. 

The underlying message of the advert is to encourage people to shop locally this Christmas. 

"I understand Christmas can be a very expensive time for everyone and they need to save money where they can, but if they can afford to, just try and shop at your small independent shops and support us, it makes a big difference," said the owner of Hafod Hardware in Rhayader, Wales. 

The advert has reached more than 2 million views on Youtube since it was first uploaded.