This Trailer For The Batkid Documentary Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

Publish Date
Friday, 22 May 2015, 11:51AM

Scott, a child in remission from leukemia, wanted to be his favorite hero and the Make-A-Wish foundation delivered big time on what they thought would be a tremendous challenge. On November 15, 2013, the young Batman fan wore a costume based on Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and was greeted by thousands of people in the city to cheer him on. He was able to defeat the Riddler, saved a “damsel in distress,” and arrested the Penguin. The first trailer for the inspiring documentary is out, so check it out above and hopefully it’ll brighten your day a bit.

When the dedicated teams of the Make-A-Wish Foundation began to organize the event, they hoped 200 people would take part and cheer for Miles. Participation went well beyond that figure and then some. In fact, so many people showed up to root for Batkid that police had to create a parade route for the little hero as he traveled around “Gotham.”