Video: Gay Lovers Find Out They Are Brothers on Jeremy Kyle

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 May 2016, 1:49PM

This is heartbreaking.

Back in 2012, these two men appeared on Jeremy Kyle as gay lovers, to find out whether they were brothers.

Lee’s family noticed Paul looked a lot like his mom Ena’s ex-husband Ron, whose surname was the same as Paul’s. Ena then revealed that Lee had a secret half-brother.

Paul, who knew nothing about his biological family, was taken into care at 18 months old and had been adopted at age 3. He and Lee appeared on “The Jeremy Kyle Show” to find out if their suspicions were correct.

You can watch their harrowing video above.

The two brothers then reappeared last year, with an update on their situation. They have both moved on with their lives but they remain close.

The men, identified only as Paul and Lee, recently gave an update on their situation for the 10th anniversary of “The Jeremy Kyle Show,"

Their appearance on the program four years ago was a harrowing experience for both men, they said. They were in a sexual relationship and even planned to get married at some point. However, when Lee introduced Paul to his mother and stepfather, they uncovered secrets of their past that changed everything for them.

Paul and Lee were visibly distraught following the revelation that they were half-brothers. As Kyle pointed out, it was a double-edged sword. Although Paul found out that the man he had been in physical relationship with was his brother, he also learned who his parents were.

Understandably, Paul, 38, started crying. He walked off the set, with Kyle and the camera following him. After a few moments, Paul and Lee then embraced each other, trying to give each other comfort from the ugly truth. Later in the show, Ena and Ron were brought out to meet their long-lost son.