Watch Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston do battle with Matt Damon for Jimmy Kimmel's 50th birthday

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 11:30AM

Jimmy Kimmel really does have some super celebrity friends.

To celebrate the late night host's 50th birthday actor Ben Affleck teamed up with Star Wars director J J Abrams to turn the superhero comic Jimmy made when he was a child into a reality.

The movie trailer for The Terrific Ten made its debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was nothing short of hilarious.

Ben - who plays Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie - stars in the trailer alongside Jennifer Aniston, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Cousin Sal, Jon Hamm, Shaq, Ty Burrell, Billy Crudup, Jake Tapper and Wanda Sykes as they take down Jimmy's nemesis Matt Damon.

Watch how it all unfolded above.