Watch blind autistic America's Got Talent contestant's emotional performance of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'

America's Got Talent contestant Kodi Lee has left us in tears once again ...

This time the during the show's quarterfinals, Kodi - who is both blind and autistic - performed a stunning piano rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water.

And well, there wasn't a dry eye left in the crowd afterwards.

The performance not only earned him a standing ovation from the audience but a lot of praise from AGT judge Simon Cowell.

"I want to thank Paul Simon, who never really gives permission for anyone to sing this song [Bridge Over Troubled Water] because it's very precious to him, and he gave [Kodi] clearance within 30 minutes because he saw your audition," Simon revealed.

"You are genuinely one of the most extraordinary people and talents we’ve had the great fortune to have on any show we’ve ever made. God bless you," the added.

This comes after the judges of America's Got Talent were blown away Kodi's audition performance.

Not only did his emotional audition earn him a standing ovation and cheers from the crowd, but also a Golden Buzzer from judge, and Bring It On actress Gabrielle Union.

The Golden Buzzer meant that Kodi automatically made it into the live shows.

"What just happened there was extraordinary, really extraordinary," judge Simon Cowell told Kodi after his audition. "I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life."