Watch Pink's brilliant reaction to her fans covering her music

Publish Date
Friday, 3 November 2017, 8:00AM

We love Pink and her amazing voice - but even she was blown away by the amazing covers created by her fans.

In a video for Glamour Magazine, the 38-year-old singer sat down to watch some superb reimaginings of her greatest songs - and her reaction was priceless!

"Holy sh**," Pink said, stunned by one woman's rendition of What About Us.

"That's better than I will ever sound," she continued, "now I know how it's supposed to sound."

Not only was Pink flawed by the exceptional talent of her fans - who performed Perfect, Try, Who Knew, Just Give Me a Reason, Sober, U + Ur Hand and Get The Party Started - but some of her fans got to react to her praise and compliments.

Check out the video above for all the warm-fuzzies!