Watch the hilarious moment exercise machine rips off woman's leggings

Publish Date
Saturday, 28 July 2018, 12:30PM

A woman experienced every gym-goers worst nightmare when an exercise machine tore off her leggings, exposing her thong-covered derrière.

In the short YouTube clip shared by RM Videos, the unnamed woman is doing a complicated strength training routine while hanging from a workout machine.

However, she only manages to get a few reps in before disaster ensues and her pants end up around her ankles.

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Although it is undoubtedly a mortifying experience, the woman has a good sense of humor about the workout fail.

The clip sees her laughing from the moment her pants are pulled off, and she continues to chuckle as she pulls them back up.

And while she ended up showing off a lot more than she bargained for, the video is certainly unforgettable!