Are these the worst Christmas presents to get given ever?

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Monday, 11 December 2017, 11:30AM
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A pair of marigolds, a dead plant and anti-cellulite cream are just some of the most-hated Christmas presents to have been received on Christmas Day.

One unlucky recipient was given a tax disc holder, another unwrapped a mop and bucket, while someone thought a vacuum cleaner was an appropriate gift for a loved one, according to the Daily Mail.

The disastrous gifts uncovered in a poll of 1,500 people in Britain by breakfast spread Marmite, found one in four said they could not remember the last time someone gave them a present they actually loved.

Hand-made gifts like jams and chutneys also made the list of most-hated presents to have been received, as did half-drunk bottles of wine, push up bras, work out DVDs and sexy underwear.

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Mums were named and shamed as the most likely to give a poor present according to the poll.

A quarter of people surveyed who get landed with a rubbish present like to exchange it for something else but 34 per cent give it straight to the charity shop.

A philosophical 83 per cent agreed that it was "the thought that counts" but the remainder, 17 per cent, said the cost and extravagance of the gifts you receive that was important.

Marmite spokesman Shannon Lennon-Smith said: "There is nothing worse than having to pretend that you love a present that you really hate."

Most hated Christmas presents   

1. A pair of slippers

2. Second-hand clothing

3. An autobiography of someone I didn’t like

4. A workout DVD

5. A hand-made gift like jam or chutney

6. Sexy underwear from my other half

7. A hairbrush

8. An olive oil and balsamic vinegar set

9. Thermals

10. Underwear from a boss

11. Novelty apron

12. An opened box of chocolates

13. A mop and bucket

14. A dead plant

15. A Christmas hamper from the PREVIOUS year

16. Mouthwash

17. Chocolate body paint

18. A naughty calendar

19. Slimming pants

20. A dustpan and brush

21. A coffee mug stolen from a well-known coffee chain

22. A vacuum cleaner

23. A new broom

24. A gym membership

25. Maternity clothes when you weren’t pregnant

26. A half-drunk bottle of wine

27. An expired bank notes

28. A push up bra

29. A basket of fruit ‘on the turn’

30. Botox

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.