Stunning weather-inspired baby names that you will absolutely love ...

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A lot of new parents long to create a unique and memorable name for their little bundle of joy.

Weather names is an adorable and popular name trend that you will often see pop up with celebrities, like Kylie Jenner who named her little girl Stormi for example.

In fact, there are plenty of weather-inspired monikers that are completely magical and so we've rounded up some of the best that would be perfect for any baby boy or girl.

30 enchanting baby names inspired by the weather

Amaya  - Night rain

Aria - Air

Autumn – Autumn season

Azure - Sky

Bronte - Thunder

Dysis - Sunset

Esen - Breeze

Farrin - Thunder

Freyr – Norse God of Weather

Gale – Strong wind

Hail – Frozen rain

Ilona - Sunshine

Indra – Drops of rain

Irida - Rainbow

Lokni – Rain falls through the roof

Miku – Beautiful sky

Misty - Mist

Neil - Cloud

Neve - Snow

Rainn - Rain

Skye - Sky

Summer – Summer season

Storme - Storm

Sunny - Sunshine

Thora – Goddess of Thunder

Tahl – Dew or rain

Talia – Gentle dew from heaven

Winter – Winter season

Xia – Glow of the sunrise

Zephyr - Wind

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