The 'surprising' new baby name trend taking off in the UK

Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 11:12AM

Forget traditional names!

Mums and dads are now looking to different cultures and countries for exoitic baby names - in particular Spain (and Latin America).

That's right, parents in England and Wales are 'surprisingly' taking inspiration from the Latin-based Spanish language when choosing a moniker for their little ones.

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Parents say they are drawn to Spanish names as they have a very romantic feel.

Which doesn't really surprise us, as Latin flavours are now taking over music charts and fashion trends.

Babycentre has revealed the 10 most popular names influenced by the language that are trending at the moment...

Would you choose any of them for your little ones?

For girls:

  1. Luna
  2. Rafaela
  3. Violeta
  4. Antonella
  5. Gabriela
  6. Valentina
  7. Julieta
  8. Lucía
  9. Alba
  10. Arely

For boys:

  1. Octavio
  2. Javier
  3. Vivaldo
  4. Cristóbal
  5. Alejandro
  6. Luciano
  7. Rafael
  8. Valentín
  9. Máximo
  10. Eduardo