This SUPER simple ironing board hack will HALVE the time it takes you to iron!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 February 2019, 3:31PM

HATE doing the ironing? You're not alone.

And unfortunately it seems to take FOREVER!

But we have just discovered a simple hack that will apparently cut your ironing time in half.

Thanks to the blog Of Life + Lisa, the secret to speeding things up is as simple as tin foil!

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Yep ... plain ol' tin foil from your kitchen drawer.

Simply cover your ironing board with a layer of tin foil underneath the fabric cover and iron as normal.

The blog claims that the foil will reflect heat and steam, meaning you don't have to iron both sides.

So if you’d like to shorten your ironing time AND reduce your electricity bill, give it a shot!

Better living everyone.