Woman proudly shows off 30kg incredible weight loss transformation in bikini

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Saturday, 19 August 2017, 1:38PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

A woman who transformed her body and shed 70lbs after having heart surgery proudly shares a photo of herself in a bikini four years after she started her weight loss journey.

Leah, a weight loss blogger who is known as 'Fit Me Baby' online, took to Instagram this week to share a pictured of herself before she lost the weight along with a recent image of herself happily wearing a bikini while on vacation. 

Although her physical transformation is what immediately catches the eye, she explained that 'there's an even bigger mental change to note'.

'Left me wouldn't have been caught dead in a bikini,' she wrote of her before picture, which sees her posing in a flowy sleeveless tunic and shorts. 

'Me on the right is comfortable and happy in that bikini,' Leah said of her swimsuit photo. 'I'm also enjoying holidays there. Taking in the views. Being present. Mindful.

'Me on the left would likely be wondering where the next meal was coming from and then hating myself for devouring it,' she added. 'The journey truly is about so much more than the number.' 

Leah explains on her blog that she was the 'fat sister' and the 'fat friend' for most of her life. Although she was athletic as a kid, she was still 'one of the bigger girls'.

By the age of 15, she had double H-cup breasts and had to have a breast reduction as a last resort. At her high school graduation, she wore a size-16 dress, and while she said she 'felt incredible', she still tried to hide her size when posing for photos.

After she graduated she joined Weight Watchers with her mom and lost a little over 30lbs. Although the program was working for her, she thought it was too expensive for her to pay for by herself when her mom stopped doing it and the weight she lost started to creep back. 

In her earlier twenties she was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia, a rapid heartbeat that develops when the normal electrical impulses of the heart are disrupted.

After having heart surgery in 2013 to fix the problem, Leah vowed to get healthy once and for all. She went back to Weight Watchers and decided to give up the idea of working in real estate after passing her exam because she realized it wasn't right for her.

By December 2014, Leah had lost a total of 40lbs, putting her at her lowest recorded weight as an adult and she developed a passion for going to the gym. 

Leah bought her first bikini during this time, and she 'officially moved out of "the fat friend" zone. As she continued on her weight loss journey, she focused more on being healthy and fit than the number on the scale. 

In November 2015, Leach reached her goal weight of 135lbs, and she has maintained her incredible weight loss for nearly two years.

In addition to blogging about her journey, Leah often shares before and after photos of herself on her Instagram page. 

'Feeling crappy about myself every time I passed a mirror or saw a picture of my body simply was not good enough for me anymore,' she wrote in one candid post. ;Whether I was destined to find this life I've built or not — here I am. 

Source: Daily Mail.