Women reveal the things that annoy them most about their partners

Women have blasted their partners' worst habits in an eye-opening thread.

A woman from the UK took to Mumsnet to rant about her significant other and confessed the one pet peeve of her husband's that makes her rage.

The unknown woman posted under the username FiveFarthings: "Confession time just for fun (need some light relief after being up all night with baby!)

"What's the most minor thing that your other half does that unreasonably winds you up?

"For me, it's that my husband squeezes the tube of toothpaste from the middle rather than the bottom, leaving the tube all twisted so you can't get anything out. It is such a minor thing but my god it makes me rage and I am totally disproportionately unreasonable about it!

"Anyone else have anything similar?"

She went on to ask other women what the most minor pet peeves about their partners were.

The post was met with a flood of comments from other users revealing their frustrations with their partner, including ordering takeaways in an Australian accent and stirring gin and tonic with a spoon.

Other users were quick to admit to their own pet peeves, with one mum confessing she "can't stand" when her partner "walks around their house while brushing his teeth".

She wrote: "His bathroom is downstairs so when he brushes his teeth he will wander around the hall, kitchen, living room, scroosh scrooshing his teeth and all I can smell is the horrible minty smell (really dislike mint).

"I think I'm almost there with getting him to stay in the bathroom".

The same user later went on to share that her husband used to create "hedgehog's" out of toenail cuttings and admitted that even their son told has told him off for his odd habit.

She wrote: "He used to make 'hedgehog's' out of toenail cuttings in a piece of BluTac. Now it's only the occasional cutting left on the bedside. Even Ds tells him off for it."

Another woman branded her other half as "ridiculous" for accidentally ordering takeaways in an Australian accent and moaned that he often "nags" her to finish her hot drinks before she's had a chance to start drinking them.

She posted: "He orders takeaways in an Australian accent. Not in a piss-take way, more the end of each sentence goes up in an Aussie lilt. It's ridiculous because he has no idea why, or how to stop, and it's the only time he does it. It drives me mad.

"Also, he nags me to drink hot drinks before they've cooled enough to be drunk 'don't forget your tea'."

One other user confessed that she hates it when her other half tidies up after her, as although he means well, it's not "helpful" and he often puts away things while she's still using them.

She wrote: "Tidies up after me, not in a helpful way".

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.