Stan Walker - Māori Ki Te Ao

Renowned artist and storyteller Stan Walker has treated fans to his new single 'Māori Ki Te Ao' (Māori to the world).

The reggae-inspired anthem, which builds on his acclaimed narrative of Māori culture, follows his globally celebrated song 'I AM' from Oscar-nominated Ava DuVernay's film 'Origin’.

'Māori Ki Te Ao' delves deeper into the diverse Māori experience, advocating for the strength of unique, yet united, Māori identities.

"This song is our beautiful Māori language to the world, we as tangata whenua have been blanketed by the term Māori, but in fact, we have our own identities within te iwi Māori.

"We are our hapū and iwi; the blood that courses through my veins belongs to many hapū and iwi of Aotearoa”, Walker expresses, emphasising the importance of individuality within the broader Māori community and the concept of Mana motuhake – asserting one’s identity and heritage.

The song's music video features locations significant to Walker's Tūhoe roots and appearances by his uncle, Tāme Iti, a prominent figure in Māori culture, reinforces this message.

Walker's connection to his land and people, and the inclusion of multiple generations in the video, exemplify the song's theme of communal strength and cultural pride.

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