Girl Allergic To WiFi Takes Her Life

Publish Date
Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 11:30AM

These days WiFi is essential for most of us, however this young girl was tragically allergic to it.

Jenny Fry suffered a reaction brought on by electro-hypersensitivity that caused her to have severe headaches, bladder problems and tiredness.

She was affected so much by the wireless internet in her school that she ended up taking her own life.

Jenny was found hanging from a tree in Brooke Woods, a place not far from her home in Chadlington, Oxon.

The teenager's parents, Debra and Charles, had previously removed WiFi from their home but it was still used in Chipping Norton School, Oxon, where she attended.

Debra said "Jenny was getting ill and so was I. I did some research and found how dangerous WiFi could be so I had it taken out of the house. Both Jenny and I were fine at home but Jenny continued to be ill at school in certain areas. She was receiving lots of detentions, not for being disruptive in class or misbehaving, but often because she used to take herself out of the classroom to find another where she was able to work. She took her schoolwork seriously. I took lots of information into school to show the headteacher but he said there was equally the same information available claiming WiFi was safe. I also had a heated exchange with teachers telling them Jenny was allergic to WiFi and that it made no sense making her take detentions in rooms that were making her ill."

As a result, Mrs Fry is campaigning against the use of wireless internet connections in schools and nurseries.

"I intend to carry on my campaign to highlight the dangers of WiFi. I am not against a bit of technology but I do feel schools should be aware that some children are going to be sensitive to it and reduce its use. I think some technology is very useful. I am glad I had a mobile phone with me when I found Jenny so I was able to ring for help."