Temuera Morrison Reveals 'Jake The Muss' Is With Him For Life Now

Publish Date
Monday, 11 July 2016, 1:18PM

Temuera Morrison has opened up about how Jake the Muss nearly consumed him, in a hard-hitting new video for Women's Refuge.

The Kiwi actor spoke about his role as the violent character in 1994 film Once Were Warriors, and how his character Jake's rage began to take him over.

He says in order for Jake to be believable, he had to "get stuck in and believe it - and believe it so much that it becomes part of your make up".

Morrison recalls a time when he was so exhausted he nearly lost control.

"I was ranting and raving and screaming and yelling, and I really had to stop myself." 

So, he's shot this video for Women's Refuge to help with their annual appeal. 

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