Update: Child Taken From Tauranga School

Publish Date
Monday, 1 August 2016, 12:55PM

UPDATE 1.24pm: Police spokesperson Nic Barkley said they had no fears for the child's safety.

"A family member has picked up a child, there is an ongoing family dispute," he said.

11.40am: Reports are coming in that a child has been taken from a Tauranga school, with police confirming there is an incident taking place.

A witness, who lives close by the school saw the incident happening outside Bellevue School.

"It just looked like a mother picking up her son, there was no drama or anything, the kid looked like he was happy to go with her, didn't look suspect at all or out of place."

He realised something was wrong when a teacher came out of the school and took down the license plate of the vehicle.

It is understood the incident happened about 11.20am at Bellevue School.

Police cars have been seen in the area and it is understood police are looking for a car.

They refused to release any further detail at this stage.

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