Watch: Christchurch Earthquake Montage

Publish Date
Monday, 15 February 2016, 12:09PM

Roads, tracks and council-owned facilities remain closed as officials check for damage after yesterday's severe 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

A Christchurch City Council spokesperson said no damage had been reported to date but some facilities were shut awaiting engineering reports.

A full list of affected facilities would be released this morning.

Port Hill roads and tracks around the city remained closed while geotechnical experts carried out analysis.

These included Summit Rd between Rapaki gate and Mt Cavendish, which remained closed to cyclists and pedestrians.

Port Hill track closures included Bridle Path, Rapaki, Eastenders, Captain Thomas and Scarborough Bluffs track.

The council was also surveying all stopbanks to see if any were damaged.

However, there were no issues with the city's water supply and water was safe to drink.

A number of key bridges, including the Anzac, Fitzgerald Twin Bridge and Gladstone Quay had passed inspection and were open to traffic.

The quake had left some parts of the city experiencing liquefaction.

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