Dream Prom, Wedding And Birthday All In One Day For Brave Little Girl

Lila May Schow from Oregon is only five years old and has been battling stage four Neuroblastoma cancer for three years, so it was time to brighten her day.

Doctors had ended Lila's chemotherapy because her body is no longer able to endure the aggressive treatments.

After Lila’s heartbreaking story went viral, people from all over the US offered to throw the little girl a part-birthday, part-prom, part-Cinderella ball, and part-wedding day party.

“Everything she won’t get,” Lila’s mom Heidi Hall told a local news affiliate.

During her extra-special blowout party, her stepfather, Blake Hall, dressed up as Prince Charming and even proposed to Lila, married her, and led her in a father-daughter dance.

What a wonderfully special day for such a brave five year old.