Strangers’ Kindness Helps Struggling Single Dad After His Wife Passes Away

Last winter, a man called Marc was devasted when his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Within months, she tragicallyk passed away and he was struggling to look after his kids while trying to make ends meet, all while mourning for the loss of his wife. Things got so bad that the heartbroken family got used to sleeping in their car.

To help them get through it, Marc and his kids have been working with an occupational therapist in Minnesota. One day, a woman named Holly happened to overhear Marc’s story in the clinic’s waiting room. She was so affected by the image of Marc and his kids sleeping in a car that she posted a simple message on Facebook asking for any kind of help for the family. She never expected what came next.

Before Holly knew it, countless strangers had answered the call. From clothes and toys to cash and cheques, gifts began flooding in for Marc and his kids. 

The story then went viral!