Mum-to-be's dilemma: Do you reveal that you're pregnant during a job interview?

It can be a bit of a dilemma when a woman knows she’s pregnant but is also going for a new job.

You don’t legally have to say anything, but should you let your potential employer know anyway? Or will that jeopardise your shot at the job?

This is the moral conundrum Toni Street's friend is in at the moment and so the breakfast team asked Kiwi listeners for their views on the tricky topic.

The results were divided, with one caller saying that by not being honest they were pushing other potential applicants out of a job they know they themselves couldn’t stay for.

However, many on Facebook said they lean more towards the side of not saying anything.

"I didn’t [say anything]," one woman admitted. "They can’t discriminate against you for being pregnant so I chose not to tell them. I got the job and told them then and they said themselves they can’t discriminate and we’re fine."

"I didn’t tell my boss I was pregnant until I had handed back my signed contract," another woman added. "She was over the moon and they did everything they could to make and keep me comfortable until I went on leave in December, had my baby in January."

Meanwhile, one woman revealed the horror story she had after she broke the news to her new bosses.

"This is such a tough one," she said, "I was - some years back - in a similar situation in that I was pregnant when I took a new job however unlike your friend I did not know.

"When I did find out and told my new employers they were not happy and refused to believe that I did not know when I was interviewed (not that they asked and nor is anyone under any obligation to tell). My next 6 months with them was horrendous and I was not treated the best."

However, the woman did say that she would feel like she would tell her employer if she had known during the hiring process.

"If I had of known I would have told them," she continued, "however, not in the first interview stage but that is if I got through to them offering me the job. That way you are letting them know you before any decision is made, but you haven’t put them off at the start.

"I think that you are under an obligation to be honest, as you know that you would be off for a period. To be frank, I would want any potential employee to do the same, this is no different to having a holiday booked as you know that they will then need to cover you if they take you on."

What would you do in this situation?