Sam Wallace unveils potential baby names – but which one should he go for?

Publish Date
Tuesday, 4 September 2018, 11:30AM

Dad-to-be Sam Wallace is expecting his first baby before the end of the year.

So naturally, it’s time to start thinking up names for the little bundle of joy.


He had a few options ready to share with Sarah Gandy, Laura McGoldrick and the rest of us.

Some were hits, some were misses – but which ones do you think he should go for?

If it’s a girl …

1. Astrid - divinely beautiful
2. Violin - musical instrument
3. Lily - flower name
4. Reese - ardour
5. Luna - moon
6. Hazel - hazelnut tree
7. Siena - Italian place name

If it’s a boy …

1. Jet - mineral or word name
2. Elijah - Yahweh is God
3. Chase - to hunt
4. Marco - warlike
5. Ryder - cavalryman or messenger
6. Quinn - chief leader or intelligence
7. Phin - fair or white