Toni Street: I'm not Lachie's mum on his birth certificate

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018, 3:00PM

Toni Street’s baby boy Lachie is almost 8 weeks old … but despite being his biological mother, she’s still not his legal mother.

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This is because Lachie was born via surrogate - thanks to her best friend Sophie Braggins - in August and the NZ Adoption Act has been working incredibly slow.

While Lachie is 100 per cent apart of the family, Toni revealed this morning on air that "birth certificate wise right now it says 'Mother: Sophie Braggins, Father: Mike Braggins'."

"Even on my Plunket book it says 'child of Sophie Braggins' - which is quite weird,” Toni said.

Speaking with Newstalk ZB, Toni added: "We are trying to adopt our biological son, it's not like we have used another person's egg or sperm. It is the most straightforward case you could image [but] eight weeks on we are still waiting to get our date with the Family Court." 

Watch above as Toni goes into more detail with the process of adopting her own biological son.

Let’s hope this gets solved soon!