Jono, Ben & Megan get their mind blown by Mentalist Scott Silven

Mentalist Scott Silven joined Jono, Ben and Megan on the show and what happened blew everyone's mind! 

The team wanted to see if the famous illusionist could actually read their thoughts - putting him to the test with Jono's noggin.

Silven asked Jono to think of a celebrity he would like to have on the show. To the shock of everyone in the room, within seconds, Silven accurately guessed the star Jono was thinking of. 

Mentalists have the astonishing skill of reading people's minds, using a combination of psychology and their immense understanding of human behaviour. They can even use these skills to influence one's subconscious. Wow!

Watch the surreal interaction between Mentalist Scott Silven and Jono above.  

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