Pregnant 'Breakfast' star Hayley Holt lets slip the gender of her baby to Jono and Ben

Earlier this year Breakfast host Hayley Holt announced this morning that she is pregnant with her first child.

Today she joined Jono and Ben on the Iso-Luncheon special and let slip something very special.

… She’s having a baby boy!!

Hayley - who’s due in July - revealed the gender of her baby but said she’s waiting until he is born before deciding on a name.

We can’t wait to find out what he will be called … hopefully, it's not lockdown related like these baby names

Hayley first revealed her pregnancy on Breakfast while responding to viewer Terri who asked earlier this week if "Hayley was pregnant or is it just her outfit?", noting that her "bust and belly look quite full", Hayley said:

"I’m terribly offended. You know, it [was] Christmas. There were lots of Christmas puds and stuff going on and I’d get angry and maybe send someone over to see you ... if in fact, it wasn’t true."

"Because yes, Terri I am pregnant. So I’ve finally told everybody."

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