NZ Prime Minister reveals how she really feels about being called 'Aunty Cindy'

Amidst the craziness that is Covid-19, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern caught up with Laura McGoldrick on the 3pm Pick Up to answer some burning questions …

… Like, how does she REALLY feel about the nation nicknaming her "Aunty Cindy".

"I don’t want to make the situation worse," she joked after Laura revealed she had heard a rumour that she, in fact, doesn’t like being called Cindy.

"Actually when I was a kid I didn’t like being called Cindy," Jacinda admitted, "but I have to say when you chuck Aunty in the front of it, I actually don’t mind that.

"I take the word Aunty as an affectionate term, so I don’t mind that."

So what does the PM prefer to be called? Well, she revealed that growing up her nickname was actually Jac.

"Hilariously my form one teacher, Mrs Bean, she used to call me Aunty Jac and that stuck, so Jac was always my nickname,” Jacinda added.

"So Aunty has been with me for a long time."

Laura also wanted to check in and just see how the PM has been coping with the terribleness that has been 2020.

She noted that while New Zealand has been going through tough times, keeping perspective on where were are compared to other countries throughout the world has helped keep a positive mindset.

"We are experiencing tough times, but actually relative to the rest of the world New Zealand has done incredibly well and I’m constantly reminded of that - and that gets me through a little bit," she says.

Jacinda also noted that her young daughter Neve - who she has with fiance Clarke Gayford - has brought her a lot of joy, even though she’s just learned the word "no" and no longer wants her mum to sing her nursery rhymes.

"I know I’m not blessed with musical talent but I didn’t think I was that bad," she joked.

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