Stace and Flynny give dad-to-be Sam Wallace their top parenting advice

Publish Date
Wednesday, 22 August 2018, 10:00AM

After the exciting news that Sam Wallace is about to become a father was announced yesterday, Stace and Flynny decided to check in with the dad-to-be and impart some parenting advice.

"You guys, I just wanted you to share a moment where [Flynny] as an experienced dad of four you welcome Sammy to the fatherhood," Stacey Morrison said before Flynny shared his words of wisdom.

Here are the five things Flynny explained that Sam needs to remember once his baby arrives:

1. Always be present …

"… Don’t go away all the time, and don’t be on your phone all the time."

2. Never turn down a request for a bedtime story …

"… Because one day there will be no more requests and you will regret it."

3. Tell them you love them multiple times every day …

"… You can’t say it enough."

4. Cuddle the cr*p out of that bubba …

"… It’ll be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Especially your own bubba … If you think you’ve felt love before you’ll feel something even greater than that."

5. The second they can walk train them …

"… To get you a beer out of the fridge, and the opener and open it on their way to you on the couch."

Touching words Flynny!

Sam and his partner Sarah Bowman are set to welcome their first child together before the end of the year. The morning show host also dropped hints about the sex of the baby, and about “shiny objects” … ooh, la la!