Stacey Morrison reveals how she dealt with bullies when she was at school

It can be so hard to know what to do if you find out your child is being bullied at school.

Stacey Morrison – who revealed that she was bullied at school as a child – asked Dr Anna Martin what the best route for parents to take if they find themselves in this situation with their child.

In mild cases of bullying – where there isn’t physical or psychological damage being done – Dr Anna said it’s important for parents to give their children "resources" that can help them gain "resilience".

She noted that as bullies feed on getting a reaction, the best thing to do is to encourage your child to not react to what they are saying – which is often easier said than done, Anika Moa pointed out.

"I used to do that as a kid," Stacey said. "I used to go, 'this doesn’t worry me', and I just said: 'Yeah, no, no I don’t care' and on the inside, I was just like 'ow!'"

Otherwise, another thing parents can do is approach the school and ask them to do something about the bullying discreetly and organically, as not to focus more negative attention on the bullied child.

Listen above to hear all of Dr Anna’s advice above.

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