Estelle speaks with Fiona Mawley about sunscreen in schools

Publish Date
Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 7:37PM

Cancer Society of New Zealand Incorporated, through its commercial arm Daffodil Enterprises Limited, is pleased to once again be giving away 100,000 tubes of its top quality sunscreen to schools.

This is the third year that the decision has been made to roll out the initiative after hugely successful summer campaigns in 2014 and 2015 saw tubes donated to early childhood centers, primary and intermediate schools, to help keep Kiwi kids safe from the risks of sun exposure.  

This donation is available again to New Zealand schools that are accredited ‘SunSmart Schools’, or are working towards accreditation. Schools show they are SunSmart by making sure shade is available for kids playing outside, having a policy that kids wear hats, having sunscreen available, and being committed to educating the school community about the risks of UV radiation and the importance of skin protection.

If you want to find out about becoming a SunSmart School click HERE