20 trending names Toni Street should consider for her baby boy

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 10:30AM
Photo / Instagram, Getty

Photo / Instagram, Getty

Toni Street is expecting her first baby boy via surrogate - which is beyond exciting!

But what name should she pick for him?

There are so many amazing boys’ names out there, so we thought we’d help narrow it down for her with a mixture of trending and unique monikers.

Hopefully one of these will be a perfect fit for her two daughters - Juliette, 5, and Mackenzie, 2 – new baby sibling.

20 trending boys names Toni should consider:

Arlo – Fortified hill

Asher – Happy one

Braydon – Wide valley

Cooper – Barrel maker

Dustin – Brave warrior

Eli – Uplifted

Finn – Fair

Graysen – Son of the bailiff

Hayden – Fire

Hunter – One who hunts

Jasper – Bringer of treasure

Liam – Resolute protection

Logan – Small hollow

Lucas – Man from Lucania

Mason – Worker in stone

Noah - Rest

Oliver – Olive tree

Rainn – Rain

Theo – Divine gift

Urban – Of the city

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