Antonia Prebble joined the Zoom-A-Thon and spoke about her horrific house fire experience

Antonia Prebble has shared her "horrific" house fire experience.

The Outrageous Fortune star joined Jono and Ben for their Zoom-A-Thon, and opened up about when her house went up in flames in 2018.

The 35-year-old actress told Jono and Ben: "I don't know if I talked to you guys about the fact that our house burnt down, like a couple of years ago? Does that ring a bell?"

"It was a freak electrical fault," the actress explained.

Ben chimed in, saying he is a regular "plug turner offer-er". However, Prebble went on to explain that the plug which may have caused it wasn't turned on at the time of the fire.

Prebble says she was home at the time of the house fire in November 2018, and it wasn't until a worried neighbour alerted the household after spotting the smoke.

"It was a crazy thing, it was one Sunday morning in November 2018, and the reason we were alerted to it was because a neighbour passed by, knocked on our door and was like 'your house [is] on fire'," she said.

"I'm laughing because I can now, but it was horrific at the time, and we hadn't realised because of the way that this wind was going, the smoke wasn't blowing into the house, it was blowing away," the actress explained, saying the fire was contained to the garage at that time.

"By the time the fire engines got [there] it has gone all through the roof," Prebble said.

"We were out of the house for 10 months which gives you an impression of how much damage there was," the Westside star said.

Pryor called the story "terrifying," and asked the actress what the first thing she grabbed was when she realised her house was on fire.

Prebble said she grabbed her cellphone and computer.

In an interview with Woman's Day in 2019, Prebble called the experience "surreal" and says she rushed out of the house with her husband Dan Musgrove.

She told the magazine: "We lost some precious memories, including a whole bunch of press clippings I'd been keeping since I was 12, which was upsetting, but no one was hurt, which really is the only thing that matters."

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This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.