Dr Michelle Dickinson explains why it's a good idea for Kiwis wear masks during lockdown

After the new that Auckland is moving into Alert Level 3, while the rest of New Zealand is headed for Alert Level 2, we all have a few questions.

Thankfully Dr Michelle Dickinson AKA Nano Girl joined Jono and Ben this morning break it all down!

Watch above to hear what she has to say about why Kiwis should wear masks during a lockdown and why it is so so important for people to get tested if they feel sick.

She also explained that it's likely the virus has been in the community for up to a week, but that people shouldn't panic and instead follow the simple rules of staying at home, wash your hands, wear a mask, and for Kiwis to use the contact tracing app.

She also suggested that it's likely we will see the number of cases rise.

"This is a reminder that the pandemic is serious," she says, but notes if we all band together to do the right thing, we can stop the virus again.

For more information on Covid-19 head to covid19.govt.nz

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